We are Bit Armory, Inc.

Bit Armory is a talented group of professionals that build secure software with the latest technology and techniques to solve real world business problems. We're committed to developing new, easy to use, and useful software for everyone. We design and build both small-scale and large-scale applications; from small simple home-office applications to large fault tolerant content distribution networks. Bit Armory provides outstanding product support and stands firmly committed to its products.

Our Commitment

The Bit Armory Team

Brian Chavez

Brian Chavez, President and Chief Software Architect

Brian graduated with honors from University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) with a B.S. in Computer Engineering/Digital Hardware. He has constantly developed and implemented an anti-cheat multi-player gaming network called DirectGames dedicated to creating a secure gaming environment for the past six years. Along with his work as an undergraduate researcher at UC Santa Cruz and UC Berkeley he has learned software development techniques and methodologies required to build secure, scalable, and fault tolerant systems. His ability to envision and design user-friendly software makes him our leader and an indispensable member of the team.

Kritsda Jiwatrakan

Kritsda Jiwatrakan, Vice President of Application Development and Marketing

Kritsda graduated from University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) with a degree in Computer Engineering. As a co-founder of Bit Armory, he is working closely on Bit Armory’s latest projects. He has many innovative ideas that help fuel Bit Amory’s drive to build and develop quality software. While helping to build Bit Armory, he has been through many IT roles in many enterprise industries. With variety of businesses that he has involved, his marketing knowledge will also help Bit Armory to pursue best user experience in the industry.

Our Products

Our Current Products


With DepositWiz quickly, efficiently and easily create deposit slips for your bank. If you're a landlord or a small business owner with numerous checks to deposit every month, this program makes printing deposit slips from your computer easy!

ReelCast Talent Management System

ReelCast TMS is an easy-to-use, web-based talent management system designed for booking services, model agencies, talent managers, and casting directors. Focus on growing your business, not your staff or information technology.

Upcoming Products


RentFile is our online web-based rental property management software. With RentFile, you can manage your rental property, tenants, and business finances with ease. RentFile is an advanced property management tool that gives you flexibility and insight into rental data in and around your neighborhood.

Open Source Projects


Bogus is a popular fake data generator for .NET languages like C#, F# and VB.NET. Bogus is fundamentally a C# port of faker.js and inspired by FluentValidation's syntax sugar. Bogus helps developers load databases, user interfaces, and apps with fake data for mock up and testing purposes.


A NoSQL C#/.NET RethinkDB database driver with 100% ReQL API coverage. The driver is based on the official Java Driver. The basic mechanics and architecture of both drivers are the same.

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