RethinkDB C# Driver (Commercial License)

License Terms

As long as your monthly subscription is active, your license to use SSL/TLS features of the RethinkDB C# driver will remain intact.

However, if your monthly subscription is canceled or we do not receive your subscription payment, the license to use the SSL/TLS features of the RethinkDB C# driver are revoked and your applications cannot use the SSL/TLS features of the RethinkDB C# driver.

The SSL/TLS feature license is granted to the registered legal entity as entered below; for unlimited applications authored by the legal entity, for commercial and/or non-commercial uses; for as long as the subscription remains active. Revoked, terminated, or invalid licenses can be blocked by future updates to the RethinkDB NuGet package.


RethinkDB C# Driver SSL/TLS License Subscription $8.00 per month

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